Forrest Kirby

Gender: male
Birthday: 1981-10-01
Country: US
Stance: goofy
Terrain: street

  • Zoo York skateboards and Clothing
  • Adio Shoes
  • Gold Wheels
  • Shorty's Hardware
  • Venture Trucks
  • Goodtimes Skateboard shop, San Antonio




koen [url] said:

the only known kirby is the one from the game (the pink fluffy ball-like animal)

nah... I guess he skates allright, but he will never make it to the real top.

on 04 April 2007 and rated Forrest Kirby:

Ace said:

Koen you faggot ass panzie stop making crappy comments on every single skater you can find

on 07 May 2007 and rated Forrest Kirby:

hendo said:

RUN FORREST RUN! haha nah jks ive neva herd of him but i dont no that many non aussie skaters

on 09 October 2007 and rated Forrest Kirby:

zien said:

ace your a bitch. how do u know if hes went to every skater. youve go no fuckin life.

this fool(forrest kirby not ace) is tight. cool ass name

on 21 October 2007 and rated Forrest Kirby:

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